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A visit with Zu of Riva Chocolate in Revelstoke BC ( and a few beer pairings too)

I always seek out craft chocolate and craft chocolate makers when I travel. A few months ago I took a spring ski trip to Revelstoke BC.  After a quick search of local chocolate makers I found Riva Chocolate, a craft, bean to bar maker that I had never come across before.  Of course I was so curious and had to meet the maker, learn the story, and taste the chocolate. Zu and I at RIVA Chocolate in Revelstoke BC Zu, the sweet and humble owner of this one woman operation, is a delight.  She sparkles with enthusiasm for craft chocolate and expertly manages everything from a charming small workshop in a slightly industrial part of town next to an artisan pottery shop.  She keeps her bars simple with only two ingredients, cacao and sugar, except for the one dark milk chocolate bar.  Her packaging states "Handmade with passion...", so very true.   Cacao storage at RIVA Chocolate Revelstoke BC From the very first taste while chatting with her in her workshop I knew immediately that sh

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