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Good Now Farms Esmeraldas Ecuador 70% bar

Good Now Farms Esmeraldas Ecuador 70%This bar has made it's way to my tasting table this morning but in all honesty we've been nibbling on it for a few days now.  You can probably see that from the size of the bar that remains.  Tasting NotesFirst notes are malty, moving to a slightly sweet and tart note like a salmonberry.  If you aren't familiar with a salmonberry think of the flavor of a raspberry but muted down to about 25% of the bright sweet and tart of the raspberry.  They are one of the least sweet and tart berries I know, very mild but terribly fun to find on a hike in the woods. The finish goes a bit tannic and reminds me of a walnut with the skins still on.  Don't worry, the tannins aren't distracting. Every time I taste a bar I wonder how the maker is doing?  How are the farmers?  How has their world changed in the last six months?  Is there anything new on the horizon?  So, Good Now Farms, if you happen to come across this post, please give us a quick …

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