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Getting Started: Palate Training for Tasting Chocolate

Dear Chocolate Loving Friends,

People often say to me "I can't taste that many flavors in chocolate, I just don't have the palate that you do".
Nonsense and truth at the same time.
While everyone has a different palate because of the DNA they were born with, I believe people have the ability to train their palate to taste the nuances in most food.  I don't think I'm a super taster, I probably can't taste any more than you can.  The only difference is that I've trained my palate over the last decade to recognize the aromas and flavors that I find. 
It is so super easy to get started training your palate for chocolate tasting.  It takes almost no time out of your schedule.    
Here is the most simple tip exercise I use to keep learning and refining my palate.

Slow down, take a deep breath when you find a new aroma or flavor, and remember.

Notice aromas and flavors of everything.  The scent of trees, flowers, upturned soil, your morning tea, the city, o…

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