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Fresco Madagascar Bar Comparison. Light vs Medium Roast.

Fresco Artisan Chocolate Madagascar bars (well traveled due to joining me on a few adventures).  Comparing two chocolate bars side by side is one of my favorite ways to keep my palate sharp and my mind thinking as I taste while asking myself questions. Why do I like this bar? What do the flavors remind me of?  What is my favorite aspect of this bar?  Is there anything such as astringency, bitterness, sweetness or any defect that brings the experience out of balance?  How would I describe the texture and melt?  Tonight I have two Fresco Madagascar bars which makes comparing easy. Fresco always labels their bars with roast and conche level giving me a bit of insight to how the cacao beans were processed to bring out different flavor and texture experiences.  Comparing these two Madagascar origin bars clearly shows the difference light vs medium roast can make as the lighter roast brings out flavor notes of fresh strawberries, the medium roast reminds me of dried cherries.   My tasting no

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