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Top Three Reasons to visit Salon du Chocolate Paris

Top three reasons you should see Salon du Chocolat Paris

Salon du Chocolat Paris started in 1994 and has grown to be one of the most important chocolate shows on the planet. The entire city seems to celebrate this event with welcoming signs everywhere and the event isn't just a show, it is an experience from opening night (more on opening night in this post) to the moment it closes down.  If you are a chocolate aficionado, connoisseur, or just someone who needs an excuse to put a trip to Paris on the calendar the Paris Salon du Chocolat will give you perspective, connections, and innovation like no other chocolate event.


Although it is held in Paris, it's not just about French chocolate, it is an international event.

The international mix of farmers, chocolate makers, confectioners, bakers, and even engineers gives you a wider perspective of what is going on world wide in the cacao and chocolate arena.  You'll have the opportunity to see products, meet people, …

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