Volo Chocolate 62% Haiti with Caramelized Milk, Browned Butter, Figs, and Hazelnuts

Chocolate pieces small


The first thing I noticed about this milk chocolate bar was the super creamy texture and almost slippery mouthfeel.  The browned butter must have a big impact on those elements.  

Even though this is a milk chocolate bar, the chocolate has notes of deep dark roasted cacao until you reach a rich fig inclusion piece, then the sweet honey notes of the fig are front and center.  The hazelnuts are crisp, flavorful and hidden deep in the chocolate bar.

The finish on my last bite was all about the fig with the chocolate notes in the background. 

This bar was shared with me by chocolate loving friends over tea.  Unfortunately I didn't photograph this gift before devouring my pieces!! Next time I have this bar I'll photograph and edit the post. Until then...



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