Krakakoa 60% Dark Milk Chocolate


Made with palm sugar from Indonesian origin beans.

Scents of licorice and roasted cocoa beans waft from the sealed flow wrap package as soon as it is open. 

The thick bar takes a minute to start melting and releasing flavor.  When the melt starts it is slow and the texture a bit sandy, I’m guessing from the palm sugar.  The first notes are roasted cacao, palm sugar adds a malty note, raisin toward the middle through to the end. After the bar is melted and gone the flavor remains for several minutes, then the hint of licorice scent resurfaces. 

It is an interesting bar. I barely tasted the milk or vanilla and very much enjoyed the raisin notes  

Farmer to Bar noted on the package. Made in Indonesia.

I’m pretty sure I picked this one up at the 2019 Salon du Chocolate in Paris. That was such a wonderful event. Someday I hope to return and again fill my chocolate vault.  


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