Summertime Chocolate

Solstice Chocolate single origin India bar. 

My dear chocolate loving friends,

It is summer.  The weather here in Seattle is finally getting warm enough for me.  I prefer it above 75 degrees, even at night, and that doesn't happen often in Seattle.

I'm often asked "what's your favorite chocolate", and honestly there isn't just one. There might be several different favorites during each day depending on my mood, what I've just eaten, the weather, or a whole myriad of other factors.

With that said, in the summer I do prefer lighter and fruitier notes.

Madagascar origin chocolate with citrus and tart cherry notes.

Chocolate from Peru that has a fruity acidity that often reminds me of SweetTart candies.

India origin has been another favorite this summer.  I can't seem to keep the Solstice Anamalai bar on hand.  This bar has notes of passionfruit, lychee, guava, and raspberries that call out to me almost daily.

It seems that my palate craves some of the same notes I find in other common summer time foods.

Do you notice a difference in your chocolate preferences based on season or am I the only chocolate geek with seasonal preferences? ;)

Summer is a great time to slow down, taste, notice your preferences, and become acquainted with your palate again.





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