Getting Started: Palate Training for Tasting Chocolate

Dear Chocolate Loving Friends,

People often say to me "I can't taste that many flavors in chocolate, I just don't have the palate that you do".

Nonsense and truth at the same time.

While everyone has a different palate because of the DNA they were born with, I believe people have the ability to train their palate to taste the nuances in most food.  I don't think I'm a super taster, I probably can't taste any more than you can.  The only difference is that I've trained my palate over the last decade to recognize the aromas and flavors that I find. 

It is so super easy to get started training your palate for chocolate tasting.  It takes almost no time out of your schedule.    

Here is the most simple tip exercise I use to keep learning and refining my palate.

Slow down, take a deep breath when you find a new aroma or flavor, and remember.

Notice aromas and flavors of everything.  The scent of trees, flowers, upturned soil, your morning tea, the city, of course chocolate.  Whatever aromas are in the air, and the aromas as well as the flavors of everything you eat, wherever you are, notice and remember.

That's the first step.  Super easy.

Let me know how it goes, you know I love to talk chocolate and tasting.


P.S.  Bonus...this little exercise trains your palate for more than just chocolate, it works for everything you might want to taste.


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