An adventure tasting around the cacao world...

An adventure tasting the cacao world.

To taste at least one chocolate bar, or as many as I have and can find, from all of the cacao producing countries.

To explore the countries and regions within each country.  What are the similarities, the differences?  What can I learn?

Starting with Mexico and moving south through Central America to South America then east toward islands continuing all the way around the world until I reach Hawaii.

A study in fine chocolate and geography and all the surprises that an adventure brings.

Join me?


Update:  This project s now complete. I learned so much about geography, packaging, and logging my chocolate preferences that I'm having a new chocolate tasting log designed.  

 Here is the link to posts videos and the whole shebang.   Stay tuned for the chocolate tasting log updates.


  1. Barbie,
    I would like to find good maps of every cacao producing country. Ideally they would have each district/region/state marked and in different colors. Have you ever looked for good country maps of the regions that you are tasting?


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