Flaming Molé Cherry Jubilee Recipe and Video

For the Molé Madness challenge I need to come up with a new recipe each week using Indi Chocolate Molé Rub.

Last week Becca won big time by using molé bacon in her recipe!  This week I'm upping my game with fire.  Who doesn't like a big flaming pan of cherries?

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Flaming Molé Cherry Jubilee

1 Tablespoon butter - melt in a metal pan
3 Tablespoons organic brown sugar - stir into the melted butter
1 Teaspoon Indi Chocolate Molé Spice Rub - stir into the butter and sugar
1 Cup cherries - stir into the hot and bubbly butter, sugar, molé spice concoction
1 Shot glass Rum 151 - stir into the cherry concoction then when it is hot (just a few seconds later)...

light it on fire.  The flames will be about 2 feet high so make sure you don't hurt yourself or anyone else.

When the fire dies down spoon over vanilla ice cream (although I think chocolate ice cream would be a better choice).


Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be posting about how to taste 100% chocolate without overwhelming your palate. One hundred percent can be intense!!


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