Chocolate Ale and Maple Goat Chocolate

Chocolate by Chocolate Alchemist, beer by Boulevard Brewing

Some things are better together. These two are.

The beer:  Boulevard Brewing Company Smokestack Series Special Release Chocolate Ale in collaboration with Christopher Elbow. Notes of roast, malt, and smoke. A tendency to remind you of nibs. A bit bitter, in a beer like way.

The chocolate:  Chocolate Alchemist Goat Maple (65% organic, Dominican and Peruvian,bean to bar). Rich goat milk notes hit you first, then the maple, then finally the chocolate. Dense creamy texture. This bar almost makes me believe I'm eating a goat cheese truffle, although the chocolate takes the back seat to the other interesting flavors and aromas.

Together: The malt of the beer brings the chocolate forward. The maple of the chocolate tones down the roast and smoke.  They make music together, harmony.

Roasted sweet potato, carrot, fennel, onion, celery.  Fantastic paired with the Boulevard Brewing Chocolate Ale.

Just in case you are wondering, the beer pairs particularly well with roasted fall vegetables too.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, fennel, onion, and celery in olive oil.   That was my dinner for this fall evening.

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