Craft Chocolate Week Launch

I've been super busy behind the scenes these days with new fun.  In collaboration with small batch, craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers we are launching a series of small, "meet the maker" events that we are calling Craft Chocolate Week.  

Here are the details...

Craft Chocolate Week Launches in Seattle; Meet the Chocolate Makers, Hear the Stories, and Taste Rare Single Origin Chocolate.

We want people to have smaller scale, more intimate experiences than you would find at an expo or trade show, with a chance to talk to the makers, get to know them, experience their personality, ask questions, and of course taste craft chocolate.  We want an opportunity to shake hands and have a drink with the people who make craft chocolate.

Each event offers a different kind of experience designed so consumers get to know the makers well enough to see how their personalities, experiences, and knowledge are translated directly into components of their finished craft chocolate.  
Events currently on the schedule include:
Letterpress Chocolate World Debut plus bourbon pairing.
Chocolate and Bourbon Pairing at Tesla.  A new cacao origin will be unveiled, never before has anyone tasted chocolate made from cacao grown in this area.  Meet David Menkes, chocolate maker and owner of  Letterpress Chocolate, as well as the cacao farmer who grows these rare cacao beans.  Toast their debut with a bourbon and chocolate pairing.  Finally, our hosts will take those who want a bit more of an adrenaline boost on a ride in a Tesla that goes from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds.

Dick Taylor Chocolate and Wine Pairing
Craft chocolate and French wine pairing at Chocolat Vitale.  French wine importer H Wines will be on hand to pair Dick Taylor chocolate with wines, while Adam Dick and Justin Taylor of Dick Taylor Chocolate share stories about their growing chocolate company recently seen on an episode of “Somebody’s Got To Do It” with host Mike Rowe.  

Clay Gordon will host a chocolate and beer pairing workshop
Craft beer and chocolate pairing at Kakao.  Clay Gordon, author and internationally recognized authority on chocolate will be hosting a sophisticated pairing, teaching how to pair beer and chocolate based on the concept of simultaneous contrast.  

Aaron Barthel of Intrigue Chocolates

Coffee and chocolate pairing workshop with Aaron Barthel of Intrigue Chocolates.  Aaron, a master at pairing exotic spices from around the world with chocolate in his French style truffles, will share his chocolate and coffee pairing knowledge.

Fresco Chocolate

 Understanding Craft Chocolate.  Rob Anderson of international award winning Fresco Chocolate will demonstrate how the origin of the cacao bean, roasting level, and amount of added sugar can impact craft chocolate.  Taste chocolate at each stage of the making process and learn to truly understand terms such as origin, roast, and conch (which are 
often associated with craft chocolate).
Craft Chocolate Week events will be between September 25 -October 11, 2015.  Event ticket prices range from $25-$50 and can be purchased at

Tickets are available at lower prices on our Kickstarter campaign until September 16.  Message me for details. 

Hope to share chocolate with you soon!!


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