Umami Taste in Potomac Chocolate Costa Rica Bar

Potomac Chocolate Upala  Costa Rica bar with nibs

Umami is one of the basic tastes usually found in savory foods like aged Parmesan, meats, or broth.

Umami comes from glutamate.  Our tasted buds that hone in on umami are most likely tuned to detect the amino acids in protein filled foods.  Sometimes I find those savory umami notes in craft chocolate like this bar made by Potomac Chocolate.

In the first few seconds of melt on my tongue I detect umami, then coffee notes rise finally giving way to deep dark red fruit with a bit of a nutty finish as I crunch the nibs.  The umami still lingers after.

Potomac Chocoate
70% Dark Chocolate with Nibs
Upala Costa Rica 2014 Harvest

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