Dick Taylor Dominican Finca Elvesia

My collection of the Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate packaging over the years.


Dark chocolate scent that reminds me of a fine aged Merlot.

Flavors that start with tart acidity then blend into dark and roast.

Sophisticated cigar like qualities.  Not smoke, just tobacco.  

Savor the pleasure of tasting this bar.  Slowly.  
This one is worth lingering over for quite some time.

I save the packaging, especially if it is beautiful.  I love following a chocolate company as they grow and their packaging changes.

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate  Chocolate makers Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor went from building furniture and making boats to making chocolate, never cutting corners.  They use only organic cacao and organic cane sugar in their chocolate.

Dick Taylor has recently moved from Arcata CA to Eureka CA.  I can't wait to visit them and the awesome Spider-Man painting hanging in their factory (see the post on their Facebook page).


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