Palette De Bine

The most interesting chocolate I tasted last week.

This one takes you on a journey of tasting notes starting with tropical fruit then quickly right into notes of roast... dried cherry  with a touch of bitter then she finishes like a fine dry wine.  

 A very long finish with a touch of tropical fruit.

Yes, I want more.  This bar is exactly the type of journey I want from a fine chocolate bar.  

The beans are from Gran Couva, Trinidad.  I can't wait to taste more from this region.  I'm even more excited to find more from this chocolate maker, who is fairly new to the bean to bar scene.  Palette De Bine is one to watch.

Find more about chocolate maker Christine Blais who makes this beautiful bar of fine bean to bar chocolate in Mont-Tremblant CA.

Thank you Christine!  Please keep following your passion and making chocolate!


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