Pairing Chocolate and Beer

Sip...melt in your mouth...savor the flavors...start over.

Remember to sip again while the flavor of your chocolate lingers. That's where the magic of the pairing happens.

Tonight I'm pairing New Belgian Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout with Kallari Sacha Nina's Nuance Chocolate with Aji Chili and Wild Cinnamon. 

The stout is a bit strong and carries quite a bit of salt. A bit much alone. More chocolate on the nose than in the flavor. 

Paired with the chocolate, the salt in the beer is better balanced. A more robust chocolate might have been a better match.  The delicate chocolate notes of the Ecuadorian chocolate are a little crowded by the stout however chili and cinnamon in the chocolate make the experience more interesting and smooth out the bitter of the beer.

I haven't given up quite yet, another taste is in order. 


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