Chocolate Tasting Kit by Eagranie Yuh

The Chocolate Tasting Kit by Eagranie Yuh

A brain child of chocolate tasting expert, chemist, pastry chef, writer, and chocolate educator Eagranie Yuh, the Chocolate Tasting Kit is as much brilliant chocolate organization system as it is a kit .

On the surface it resembles a book. 

Open it up and it is now a chocolate tasting made simple kit, complete with tasting cards, tasting note pad, and a keepsake envelope for your cherished favorite chocolate wrappers.  

You have to admit some of the packaging for fine chocolate is equal to fine art.

Tasting a Dick Taylor Dominican bar and using the tasting notes card.

The booklet included is a quick 30 minute read and is packed with just enough history, tips, and hints to get you hooked and ready to taste.

The Tasting Flash Cards are brilliant for connecting the notes that you are tasting in your mouth to the brain cells that can recall the flavor you are trying to describe.  I'm using these almost every day now to jog my memory of flavor notes while I taste chocolate.

Tasting Note Cards will help you record what you are experiencing for future reference.  It shocked me how much they caused me to slow down and really think.  I thought I was really thinking before, now I can remember what I thought.

Overall, it is the perfect for anyone new to the discovery of fine chocolate.  Or experienced tasters. And those who need to slow down and really taste chocolate.

One caveat: you bring the chocolate.

Want to compare Tasting Note Cards?  How about if we convince Eagranie to do a G+ Hangout with us?

How about it Eagranie?

Find your Chocolate Tasting Kit here on Amazon.

I ramble on about how much have been surprised by this kit on the video below:

A special thank you to David Hawk at Chronicle Books for bringing this to my attention and putting one on my doorstep.

P.S.  If you are seriously interested in doing a Hangout with Eagranie please let me know by commenting below so I can put you on the invitation list for the Hangout.


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