Chocolate Hangout Holiday Schedule Update

Chocolate Hangouts for the Holidays.  Support get to know the chocolate makers, their unique chocolate bars and confections, and support the craft chocolate movement (chocolate makes great gifts).  Join us on a Hangout for just 10-15 minutes sometime this or next week.

Today Tuesday December 3, noon, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Wednesday Dec 4, 6:00pm, Intrigue Chocolate (I just might be sipping some of their Jamacian Hot Cocoa during this Hangout, a favorite winter beverage).

Thursday Dec 5, 5:00pm, Forte and Gusto Chocolates.  Award winning truffles and bars plus a line of savory chocolate (great for adding to savory dishes or just nibbling on).

Friday Dec 6, noon.  Lillie Belle Farms.  Never a dull moment!  What does Martha Stewart order for gifts? Find out here.

Monday December 9, 5:30pm Indi Chocolate.  Erin will be coming to us direct from Pike Place Market.  Perhaps she'll give us a sneak preview of her new beverage and other upcoming adventures.

Tuesday December 10 TBD

Wednesday December 11, 3:00pm TENTATIVE Dandelion Chocolate.  Always a smooth chocolate with beautiful notes.  Well packaged for gifting too.

Wednesday December 11, 6:00pm.  The Chocolate Box.  Will they talk local NW made chocolate or chocolate and wine?  This retailer offers both.

Thursday December 12 TBD

Friday December 13 TBD

I am working on scheduling a few more chocolate makers.  If you are a chocolate maker and don't see yourself on the list please contact me!

All times are Pacific Time (same time as Los Angeles, but I am in Seattle).



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