Empassionato Caramels

empassionato - passion made perfect.... in caramel and chocolate

Sometimes the best confections are a result of a passionate chocolatier experimenting.  This is the case here which means I am very sorry to report that these salted caramel beauties are not for sale anywhere, at least not yet.  A special thank you to Teri Bozeman for experimenting and including me.  Please don't stop.

What did I taste?

Complexity.  I'm looking for an experience where the flavor changes as I taste.  I want to chase the notes, try to identify them, then commit them to memory for future tastings, pairings, and mood swings which might require such an essence.

I don't want overly sweet, I don't want to taste the sugar first.  I don't want so much overpowering heat or any other aroma that I can't find any other flavors.

These caramels accomplish all of the things I want in a confection.  Stunning, subtle, leaving me wanting to taste again (always, my ultimate test of any chocolate or confection).  A fine example of what "craft" or "artisan" should be.

These caramels are soft, the texture is beautiful, and the flavor keeps you guessing.  Did I taste ghost chili? The gold topped nuggets pack a powerful kick of heat mixed with sweet.  The heat doesn't linger too long though and soon you are ready for your next bite.

I recorded a Vine while I was tasting however it wouldn't upload...here it is in an unlooped state.


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