100% Chocolate: Separates the Men from the Boys

100% Chocolate.  Nothing to hide behind.

100% chocolate has no sugar or inclusions to hide behind.  It is pure chocolate.

I believe 100% separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls in the realm of chocolate makers.  If a chocolate maker can make a bar of 100% that has flavor and complexity but not acidity, astringency, or much bitterness, they have, in my opinion, mastered their craft.

When done well it is a beautiful experience much like a fine wine.  You need a great wine maker and a refined palette.  Refining your palette takes effort from you and is well worth it.  I'm still working on mine...daily, with chocolate of course!

So many people come to me saying "I'm on a diet and I can't eat chocolate"  they often add "no artificial sweeteners either".  My thoughts are that if you are in that situation, you have a great opportunity to train your palette, get out the 100% bars, and really start enjoying chocolate.


  1. Many, many people also enjoy the Pralus 100% bar. Have you ever tried it? One Golden Ticket has a good review, although he didn't rate it very highly. (http://onegoldenticket.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-francois-pralus-le-100.html)

    I have to say that chocolate above 80% is just not my thing. I can appreciate it for what it is, but bars in the range of 70-78% hit my "sweet spot". (Yeah, bad play on words intended.)


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