May 11 Seattle Chocolate Rendezvous @ Chocolat Vitale

Join me for chocolate bars, chocolate beverages (hot or iced), and live music at Chocolat Vitale.

Mmmm...taste fine chocolate, meet other people interested in fine chocolate, talk, explore, and learn about fine chocolate, savor some more chocolate, repeat...this time with a live guitar band!

What is a Chocolate Rendezvous?
It is a meet up, usually at a chocolate shop, where all participants purchase a fine chocolate bar to taste and then exchange small pieces with others at the meet up.  We compare tasting notes, talk chocolate, and taste even more chocolate!  

Join me, savor fine chocolate, have fun!

Saturday May 11
3:00-5:00pm (live music from 3-4pm)
Chocolat Vitale  
6257 Third Ave NW (on the corner of 65th ) Seattle WA 98107

Cost...just purchase a chocolate bar of your choice to share from the chocolate shop where we meet...that's all!

RSVP appreciated so I have an idea of how many seats to save.

P.S.  Chocolat Vitale is a creative space full of not only chocolate but also vintage furniture, collectilbes, and records (yes, vinyl) for sale too.  For those with a mid century modern bug, this could be one of Seattle's best kept secrets.

On the corner of 65th.  Free parking on the street.
Hopefully it will be sunny enough for tables outside at the  Chocolate Rendezvous on the 11th.

Chocolate tea hand mixed on site, beautifully smooth and full of flavor.
Hot or iced sipping chocolate available too.  My favorite - raspberry sipping chocolate made with coconut milk.

Dick Taylor Maple Coconut Bar - I'll probably be tasting one of these at the Rendezvous...mmmmm tasty!


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