Huckleberry "Dark" Chocolate Bar by Firebird Chocolate

Yes, those are whole huckleberries you are looking at.

With whloe dried huckleberries mixed throughout this bar is perfect for the huckleberry lover.  It says dark on the lable however I find it is one of the sweetest "dark" bars I've ever tasted, perhaps the huckleberries add to the sweet taste.

Sweet?  Yes.

Dark? decide for yourself.

I don't find the texture silky smooth, perhaps because of so many huckleberries.

Mike Smith, owner of Firebird Chocolate says that this bar pairs well with red wine. 
Have you tried a Firebird Huckleberry Dark Chocolate Bar?  What are your thoughts?
Mike, would you like to chime in and let us know where we can find your bars?
Thank you to Mike who gave me this bar so that I could give it a try.


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