Indi Chocolate to Open in Pike Place Market for Holiday

Indi Chocolate will be opening a pop up store in Pike Place Market on December 7th (same day as the Great Figgy Pudding Street Corner Caroling Competition) then after the holidays she will convert the space to a shop where you can watch chocolate being made right before your eyes.

Erin Andrews, owner of Indi Chocolate, hung out with me on Google+ last night and shared the details as well as her philosophy about the chocolate and chocolate body care products she makes.  I just love these Google Hangouts!  Watch the Hangout below.


  1. It was great seeing you at the Chocolate Fest. I'm looking forward to the indi chocolate pop-up store opening in Pike Place Market on Feb 1, just in time for Valentine's Day. Looking forward to seeing Finding Fine Chocolate followers in the indi chocolate store in Pike Place Market.

  2. Well, now we are open full time in Pike Place Market. We may be a bit difficult to find (we're Down Under on the 5th floor) but well worth a visit. Always appreciate a familiar face and meeting new chocolate friends.

    If you can find the Miniature Care Dealer in Pike Place Market, we're right next door.

    We've got your chocolate needs covered ... inside and out!


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