Chocolate Almost Too Beautiful to Eat

Because they are so beautiful, Dick Taylor Chocolate bars make a charming gift. 

Is this chocolate bar too beautiful to eat?  Perhaps. 

I just keep looking at my Black Fig bar, saving it for a really special occasion.

Check out the quick video for the three reasons I think this bar is special.

Who makes this fine dark chocolate?  The guys in the photo below, Dustin Taylor and Adam Dick.  I had the pleasure of meeting them at the NW Chocolate Festival this year.  Stay tuned for more about them, their story, and the chocolate they craft.

Dick Taylor Bars are available online.  Click here.

They are also available in the Seattle area at Chocolate Vitale.

Do you know of any other beautiful bars? I'd be as pleased as punch if you told me about them!


  1. Great holiday gift idea. Love that pattern. It's beautiful. It would be torcher (for about 4 seconds) then I'd take a bite!


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