Congo Pili Pili Chili Bar by Theo Chocolate

A spicy bar backed by a good cause.

This bar tickles the tongue at first then becomes like fire in your mouth and all the way down your throat!

Theo Chocolate has partnered with the Eastern Congo Initiative, a non profit founded by Ben Affleck, to help cacao farmers in that region.  The inside of the wrapper gives a bit more information about training local farmers to improve their crops, families, and communities.  It seems that this initiative is giving families the opportunity to send their kids to school and access to health care.  I always love a good story and when chocolate is involved it seems just a bit better.

Thanks Theo!  Thanks Ben!

Theo Chocolate gave me this product to review.


  1. Hi Barbie,
    I read your post on Russ' website and decided I had to check out the chocolate blog. Loved you review on the pili pili chili bar. This is a great site. Thanks.


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