Taza Chocolate in Bulk Food Section

Reading my morning chocolate updates I found a chocolate health article.  It says that there is a possibility of reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke if you eat chocolate every day for 10 years.  It must be at least 60-70% chocolate and it must be each and every day.  Sign me up for this study!!!

Last night coming home from work I stopped by the store and was surprised to find Taza Chocolate in the bulk foods section. 

I love Taza both for the flavor and the stone ground texture.  With stone ground chocolate the microns of cacao bean are NOT ground so small that you can't feel them on your tongue so there is a very rustic texture.  I also think that the flavor comes bursting alive.

I shared my chocolate find after Zumba class.  I love the comments...

Taza 70%  
"Tastes like they put blueberries in this." (Yes, I agree, very fruity flavor.  Fantastic.)

Taza Mexicano
"I taste bananas." (I did too after that comment was mentioned.  Definitely a banana note in the Mexicano.)
"I didn't think I would like it but I really do!" ( The Mexicano cinnamon is sweet - not hot and spicy.)

If you can't find Taza in your local bulk foods department check out their web site or give them a shout out.  They are a very friendly bunch!

Join me again soon!


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