Grenada Chocolate Company Sails to Europe on a Carbon Neutral Journey

I've been following the story about Mott Green, owner of the Grenada Chocolate Company, and his quest to go carbon neutral by delivering 24,000 chocolate bars from Grenada to Europe via a wooden sailing cargo ship (with no engine).  It took two months!

Durin the voyage Mott wrote a beautiful blog  It reads like a diary of sailing from the Carribean to Europe with mentions of dolphins, whales, seeing the stars at night, sea swells, and of course the crew nibbling on chocolate daily.  I beleive that the journey just endned as I received this tweet yesterday.  More about the journey here

Waved goodbye to Mott on Thursday morning - flying LGW-GND then to Trinidad for Cocoa Conference

You can also follow Grenada Chocolate on Twitter @GrenadaChocolat

Direct to their web site:

Grenada Chocolate is one of my favorites in the summer. Their chocolate tastes citrusy yet still has a deep chocolatey flavor which just seems to blend well with summer days.

When it is going to be a hot day I often make a sipping cocoa beverage in the morning using Grenada Chcolate's cocoa with water.  I pour it over ice before leaving for work, then listen to music from the Carribean as I drive through Seattle.


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  2. Bedankt Wilko voor de inspiratie. Ik heb hem toegevoegd aan mijn agenda na Business Bootcamp. Ik ga dit nu als vast agendapunt vasthouden aangezien het volgens mij veel oplevert. O.a. ook voor mij in dit geval inspiratie en ideeën voor vooruitgang. Zeker handig omdat dit naar mijn idee mijn uitstel gedrag verminderd! Dus nogmaals TX!


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