Dandelion Chocolate. Artisan vs Mass Produced.

Check out this fabulous story on video about Dandelion Chocolate produced by Liza de Guia of Food Curated.

Todd Masonais of  Dandelion Chocolate does a great job of explaining the difference between mass produced chocolate and find artisan chocolate.  Listen as he talks about his goal of keeping the flavor throughout the process of taking chocolate from the bean to the bar.

Liza captures the cacao beans as they go from bean to bar right in front of your eyes.

I had a chance to meet the people and taste the chocolate of Dandelion Chocolate at the NW Chocolate Festival in 2011.  I remember that their chocolate really stood out among the bean to bar chocolate makers.  Beautiful packaging too.  Very well done all around.

Dandelion Chocolate is available in the local Seattle area at Chocolopolis

P.S.  If you have a chance take a look at some of the other posts by Liza at Food Curated.  The stories that her videos tell are always filled with personality and passion.


  1. Chocolate is the best thing in the world, and the chocolate world is blessed with the nicest people...
    I really enjoyed watching it! Thank you!


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