Bite a Crunchy Hedgehog

Aren't these the cutest little chocolate hedgehogs you have ever seen?

Their milk chocolate exterior is filled with roasted almonds, hazelnuts, and a crispy butter cookie.

When you bite the little critter you'll find that the butter cookie is very finely ground with the chocolate and nuts but still crunchy.  An absolutely delight for kids of any age.

They are made by Ted and Susan Aspinall of Kathryn Taylor Chocolates from Orcas Island.

Ted and Susan make more than just cute hedgehogs.  They also make amazing "bon bons" from french chocolate blended with pure ingredients, many from small organic farms on their island community. 

Each bon bon is topped with hand panted tiles and marbled flowers.

Read more about Kathryn Taylor Chocolates, their fabulous flavors and where their name came from here.

Kathryn Taylor Chocolates are availalbe online or in the Seattle area at Chocolopolis where I met Ted and Susan, and shot these photos.

P.S.  Ted really enjoys snow skiing when he isn't making chocolate!  I'm hoping someday I get to ski with both Ted and Susan.

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