Tipsy Truffle Cocktail Recipe with Intrigue Chocolates

Aaron Barthel of Intrigue Chocolates is a jovial guy so filming this quick recipe for a Tipsy Truffle with him was a blast!

We tasted two different flavors of  his truffles with the sample cocktails while filming.  The Manhattan Truffle (a seasonal flavor; made with bourbon, dry vermouth, Angostura bitters, and orange zest) and the Sake Truffle (their 110th flavor, made with Dewanoyuki Sake).  My favorite was the Manhattan although the Sake was incredible too, just a more subtle flavor.

As you can see in the video I don't follow specific measurements for this recipe so use your best judgement.  Use a fairly small glass so that only the truffle gets tipsy.

Tipsy Truffle Recipe
by Barbie Van Horn

Skewer a fine chocolate truffle and place in a small glass.  A dark soft truffle like those made in the French tradition by Intrigue Chocolates work the best.  They absorb a little of the alcohol and get "tipsy"

Pour just enough Cream de Cacao over the truffle to cover it.

Next, pour a layer of vodka (rum or brandy would work too).

Finish it off with a splash of Grand Marnier.

Give it a stir with the truffle and enjoy!

Visit Aaron and Intrigue Chocolates at their booth and presentations at the NW Chocolate Festival this weekend.  Click the link for more details on all of the weekend chocolate events and ticket information.



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