Francois Pralus Colombie 75% Review

Origin:  Columbia

Packaging:  Pralus packaging is clever.  On each wrapper look for a small indicator placed on the world map showing the origin of the cacao beans for that particular bar.

Aroma:  A bit woody and a little bit of fruit. Definitely a dark roasted cacao aroma.

Flavors/Notes:  Slightly woody taste with some coffee notes.  Dark roast, classic Columbian chocolate flavors.

Texture:  Silky smooth and soft on the tongue.

About Pralus:  If you favor dark on dark then you'll probably enjoy not only this bar but most chocolate from Pralus as they are known for their dark roast.  Fracnois Pralus gives one of his secrets to tasting the flavor of the bean before he starts to manufacture....

Where to find:   Chocolopolis   Reatil location or online.

Birthdays can be even better when people know that you enjoy chocolate.  Oh how I enjoy glorious chocolate.  Thank you to my brother and sister in law Stevie and  Lisa for this bar and so many more from Chocolopolis.


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