Theo Fig Fennel and Almond Bar Review

Theo Chocolates is right in my back yard here in Seattle.  They have become kind of a local chocolate hero as the only organic, fair trade, bean to bar chocolate factory in the United States. 

I've heard that the tour of their chocolate factory is fun, educational, and everyone leaves full of chocolate.

I'll have to take the tour and challenge them to fill my chocolate hollow leg.

Theo Fig Fennel and Almond bar Review

I think it should be called the Fennel Almond and Fig 70% chocolate bar because that is the order in which I tasted the flavors.

The initial flavor hit is fennel. I tried four pieces and each time it was the fennel that jumped out to greet me first.  I didn't expect fennel first.  The fennel is strong but not overpowering.

Next I noticed the almonds.  Finely chopped yet they retain their crunch.  I love a good crunch.

Every once in a while you get a bit of chewy fig for an extra little bit of flavor and texture.  Finally the fig flavors blend into the 70% chocolate for a figgy-dark chocolate finish that lasts quite a while.

Overall impression:  The fennel makes this bar a little out of the ordinary, not exotic, but different..  Adding the fennel, almonds, and fig make it less about the chocolate flavor and reminds me of a combination I might find in high end bakery creations. 

Brownies made with this bar would be interesting.  Buttery blondies with this bar chopped and mixed in hmmm...I think I'll buy some more of these and work my way toward the kitchen.

This bar is from their Fantasy Flavors Collection and is vegan.

Find Theo Chocolates at various retail locations as well as at their site

Anyone want to join me for a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory this summer?


  1. I also keep meaning to take the Theo tour. Thanks for the reminder--I'll have to put it on my calendar.


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