Morning Cocoa with Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Cocoa

Mornings always start off better with a bit of chocolate. 

Try making your cocoa with water instead of milk and use just a bit of sugar to sweeten so that you can still taste the chocolate.

This morning I made mine with 2 Tablespoons of Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Cocoa, a bean to bar co-op.  I'm not surprised that it is grown in the Caribbean rain forest considering the lush chocolate and naturally occurring fruit flavors.  Add just a bit of sugar, there isn't much bitter in this cocoa.  I used 1 Tablespoon but could have used less. 

Make sure you mix the cocoa with boiling water so that it will mix well with the water.  The heat will also "bloom" the cocoa and bring out the flavors a bit more.  Don't forget to give it a brisk stir to froth it up a bit.

Now I'm ready for my day!


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