Cocoa Dusted Dried Fruit and Nuts Recipe

If you have a palette that craves cocoa this will be the easiest sugar free dessert or snack that you will ever make.

The secret is to use high quality dried fruit that isn't over dried with the best tasting cocoa that you can find.

I prefer to taste the tannins and natural flavors in the cocoa so I use a natural cocoa instead of a dutched cocoa.  My favorite right now is from The Grenada Chocolate Company.  I love the rich chocolate flavor plus it seems to have just a little more texture than most cocoas.   Just make sure you love the cocoa you use.

My recipe for one little serving...

Cocoa Dusted Dried Fruit and Nuts

1 tablespoon dried fruit and nuts
1/4 teaspoon cocoa

Toss until the fruit and nuts are well coated.  Enjoy!


  1. Great idea; sounds like the perfect treat to have scattered around the house for a party (well, strike that, I can just see the chocolate smears on the throw pillows!). But a fistful of these sounds quite tasty (especially with wine), and a nice lunchbox treat.

  2. Yes, they do leave your fingers a bit dusted too. I would love to find a miniature pair of tongs to eat them with!


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