Kakao Chocolate and Coffee has a secret

I was driving down the city street and saw a shop that I hadn’t seen before. 

Kakao was on the sign that called out to me. 

My chocolate finding sixth sense said to me “that sure sounds like chocolate”.

That sixth sense was right.

I found chocolate and not only chocolate…fine chocolate!  A very nice selection of bars that would suit just about any fine chocolate palette graces their shelves.
The people were so friendly and generous.  Jim and Jim are in charge and they have a big secret.

Are you ready?

Sipping chocolate is lurking behind that counter but it doesn’t show up anywhere on the menu.

I have a weakness for sipping chocolate.

When I find it I must try it immediately, every time.

Kakao pours Valrhona Celaya drinking chocolate.  I like to call it sipping chocolate.

This sipping chocolate has a milk base, more sweet rather than dark, and slightly thick.  Good for children who prefer darker chocolate or adults who prefer a sweet yet rich sip of chocolate.

When you do stop in, give them the secret wink and ask for the sipping chocolate.

415 Westlake Ave N, Seattle WA


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