Good friends bring chocolate with protein

Today a friend of mine gave me a chocolate bar… it seems great things like this happen when you start to share the things you love with others…lesson here, share more!

The interesting thing about this chocolate bar is that when I checked the nutrition information on the back of the label it shows that the bar contains 8g of protein.  As a person who is always trying to get more protein finding that chocolate contains protein is a HUGE bonus!  I’m going to start checking more chocolate to compare the protein content.

The bar is Vintage Plantations Artisanal Chocolate 75% Dark. It is from the Ranche Grande Harvest, Ecuador.  So far all of the Ecuadorian chocolate I have tasted has been great.  As soon as I taste this big boy I will post my review…can hardly wait. 

Friends who come bearing chocolate are hard to come by, friends who come bearing fine, vintage, pesticide, and chemical free chocolate are even harder to find, thank you my friend!


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