Water, Chocolate, and Why


Fresco Chocolate Öko Caribe Dominican Republic Recipe 212

A favorite morning ritual of mine. 

Warm water and fine craft chocolate. 

I can taste the notes more on a blank palate. 

And who doesn’t love to wake up to chocolate? 

This morning I’m exploring “why” with a bar crafted by one of my favorite master chocolate makers Fresco Chocolate.  The Öko Caribe Dominican Republic recipe 212, light roast, subtle conche.

Why do I like this chocolate bar? It is bright and a bit of tart like bing cherries yet deep and dark and earthy tobacco like all at the same time.  It melts perfectly to a smooth liquid on my tongue.  I want another piece and at the same time I want to savor the deep cacao notes on the finish of the piece that I just polished off. 

I’m savoring my very last piece so very slowly right now,  the bar is finished.


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