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Drinking Chocolate Tasting Notes

Drinking Chocolate aka Sipping Chocolate  aka Hot Chocolate No matter what you call it, hot chocolate, sipping chocolate, drinking chocolate, liquid chocolate. No matter what the weather temperature.  Served hot or over ice, drinking chocolate has always been one of my favorite ways to consume chocolate.  Much of my joy in tasting craft chocolate comes from sharing, discussing, gaining new perspectives from different palates.  Meeting friends, colleagues, and clients over a cup of sipping chocolate has been a practice of mine for years.     I am creating this log of the flavor notes for two reasons. First, I don’t want to forget all of the beautiful flavor notes.  I want a reference point to go back to compare as the chocolate changes. Remember craft chocolate, drinking chocolate included, is an agricultural product with the possibility of changes in flavor with each new harvest, ferment, roast, or batch. Taking notes on the flavors, textures, and impressions so that I remember makes i

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