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Finding Fine Chocolate has a new home.

One that is much easier to navigate, prettier to look at, and more simple for me to manage.

I hope you'll continue this chocolate journey with me at www.BarbieVanHorn.com


The content from this site will remain here and much of it will be transferred to the new site as time allows. Eventually the new site will also be called www.FindingFineChocolate.com

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An adventure tasting around the cacao world...

An adventure tasting the cacao world.

To taste at least one chocolate bar, or as many as I have and can find, from all of the cacao producing countries.

To explore the countries and regions within each country.  What are the similarities, the differences?  What can I learn?

Starting with Mexico and moving south through Central America to South America then east toward islands continuing all the way around the world until I reach Hawaii.

A study in fine chocolate and geography and all the surprises that an adventure brings.

Join me?


P.S.  Instagram will be updated most frequently.  Take a peek.