100% Chocolate Comparison

Tasting 100% Chocolate

One hundred percent chocolate separates fine chocolate makers from those who merely make chocolate.  

100% Chocolate.  Chocolate with absolutely nothing to hide behind.  There is no sugar or sweetener to mask bitterness or poor quality cacao beans.  No inclusions to hide texture issues or acidity. Other than the possibility of extra cocoa butter, one hundred percent chocolate is nothing but bare naked cacao as it was fermented, roasted, and crafted into chocolate.

One hundred percent chocolate is gaining popularity. I should have seen this one coming. More and more people are reducing or eliminating the sugar in their diet either for medical reasons or by personal choice.  People don't want to give up chocolate which leads to the rising demand for chocolate without sugar or sweetener.

I understand on so many levels.

How to 100%

The Search for Venezuelan Notes in Chocolate

Busy morning tasting single origin Venezuela chocolate bars

Finding Venezuelan notes.
This morning I sit at my desk surrounded by 13 single origin chocolate bars as well as some coverature chocolate.  All single orign from Venezuela.

I've been on a journey for the past few months searching for the flavor notes that unite and give meaning to cacao from Venezuela.  What notes should I expect from a single origin bar from Venezuela?

A few months ago I felt I had lost touch with the flavor notes from Venezuela. With so many new chocolate makers on the scene with their varied styles, roasts, and sugar contents it seemed difficult to pin down the consistencies with that origin.

Nine Essential Tools for Tasting Chocolate

Tools for chocolate tasting and palate training.

Now you're going to know exactly how far down the rabbit hole I've gone with chocolate tasting.

Essential tools for tasting chocolate.

I taste chocolate daily, sometimes as a part of research, experiments and palate training.  Other times as a purely pleasurable experience. These are the tools I use, I keep them on my desk or nearby, some I even carry with me on most days.