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PNW Chocolate Society. It's all about connecting

It's all about connecting.

This blog was started years ago because I wanted to connect with more people who enjoy craft chocolate.

While it is fun to share craft chocolate with just about everyone, some people just don't get it.  They'll gobble down a $12 bar in an instant then say "That was good, do you have any more?".  That same $12 bar of chocolate would probably take me at least a week, if not more than a month to finish while I savor every tiny square, and even make notes in my chocolate journal with each tasting.

Slowing down to taste and sharing that experience with others.  Talking about the aromas and how we all taste some of the same flavors and some different.  Having fun putting names to the flavors, while one person says acidic, another will say specifically pineapple.  Exploring new chocolate makers, new origins, new processes. That's the connection that I wanted to have.

Last year, to build community for chocolate loving people,  Lauren Adler…

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