Piety and Desire Chocolate in New Orleans


When traveling I always try to seek out local bean to bar chocolate shops.  It gives me a chance to meet the people behind the chocolate as well as explore new neighborhoods and bring home chocolate I wouldn’t typically come across.

While in New Orleans last fall I found Piety and Desire, a charming shop in New Orleans with a vintage vibe. They featured a nice selection of sipping chocolate as well as bars and  bon bons.  Owner Christopher Nobles was in the shop when we visited so I had a chance to pepper him with questions and gain insight  

I walked away with a nice stash including the last Rabot Estate, Saint Lucia bar made especially for the owners wedding.  

Package tasting notes for the Rabot Estate Saint Lucia bar say “flourless chocolate cake, French press, tamarind. I agree with those notes with the tamarind as the strongest note coming out first. I also taste hints of dark brown sugar, and a very deep dried plum note on the finish. Beautiful bar! 

The 100% bar from South Cotabato Philippines is extremely mild with the bitter notes in balance with the toasty and nutty flavors. A great bar to start with if someone wanted to try tasting 100% for the first time  

Iténez Bolivia wild harvest 73% had a dark and moody start,  the package references tasting notes “dark ganache”, an accurate description. Cabernet Sauvignon, toasted walnut. Finish has a walnut bread note. Wish I had bought more of this one. 

I tried a hot sipping chocolate as well as an iced with some spice, both worthy of praise.

Lovely shop.  If I’m in the area again I’ll plan to bring a book to read and stay a while longer. 


2032 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130



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