DesBarres Tanzania 72% with Black Pepper and Cardamom


DesBarres  72% Tanzania with Black Pepper and Cardamom

The light fruity Tanzania origin chocolate shines through with notes of pear, tropical fruits, and red berries, especially in the beginning of the melt.  Those notes don't get lost in the black pepper and cardamom which seem to compete with each other.  The competition is who is going to show up RIGHT NOW.  Sometimes I taste the black pepper, sometimes the cardamom is stronger.  This back and forth play lasts long into the finish.  

The texture and mouthfeel barely reveal the spices ground and infused in the bar.  

I think this bar would make a fantastic winter chai like sipping chocolate.  I'll give that a try next time I run across this one.  

The condition of the piece of chocolate in the photo is not the fault of the maker.  I'm to blame for that. When I'm out and about I usually carry chocolate. Sometimes the chocolate that travels with me gets a bit tossed around and battered.


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