Puna Chocolate Co Island Style Macadamia Nuts Toasted Coconut Bar


Island Style by Puna Chocolate Company
Macadamia Nuts and Toasted Coconut 70% Chocolate Bar

Made on Hawaii with Hawaiian cacao.  Generous amounts of macadamia nuts and large flakes of coconut are pressed onto the back of the 70% chocolate bar. 

The aroma is filled with macadamia and coconut. 

When I carefully break off a piece of chocolate with no inclusions I find a bright, fruity, chocolate with notes of tropical fruit and some earthy notes toward the end of the melt. 

Tasting the bar as it was intended, with the inclusions, the bright chocolate against the naturally buttery macadamia nuts and thick coconut shavings provides an interesting flavor bursting experience.  The large chunks of inclusions make it more like eating a macaroon cookie, with a heavy emphasis on the chocolate. Because of the thick layer of inclusions I'm guessing this bar was made for munching, but I'm warning you, munch slowly enough that you don't miss the tropical fruit flavor notes in the chocolate. 

Definitely an interesting bar that I'd add to my collection and share.  

Sometime I'd like to try a pairing of this bar with a nutty stout.  I'll have to consult David Nilsen of Bean to Barstool for some ideas. 

Puna Chocolate is family owned farm to bar on Hawaii with a shops in Hilo, Kona, and a farm in Kona. 

Someday I'll go visit!


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