Original Hawaiian Chocolate Tasting Notes

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Dark Chocolate and Criollo

The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Company is on Big Island of Hawaii.  They grow cacao, ferment, dry, and make chocolate on site at their farm.


I'm comparing and contrasting their Dark Chocolate Bar vs their Criollo Dark Chocolate Bar.

Dark Chocolate Bar 70%

Ingredients:  Hawaiian Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithin.

This bar comes across a little like old fashioned fudge in both flavor and texture.  A hint of walnut skins, a bit of dairy note on the finish.  Long finish, the walnut skin flavors surface again and become a little stronger. 

Criollo Bar 70%

Ingredients Hawaiian Criollo Cacao beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter.  

Notes of cashew nuts and a whif of ferment, a creamy texture as this bar melts on the tongue, slight bitter notes on the finish.  Overall an extremely mild and nutty bar.  The slightly bitter note on the finish has hints of paper. 

The photo shows that this bar is much lighter in color than the darker bar.  I took a tour of the Original Hawaiian Chocolate farm in 2018. On that tour I learned that they do keep the white criollo separate from the purple forestero beans.  More about that tour here. 

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