Óbolo Dulce de Tres Leches White Chocolate Bar


Óbolo Dulce de Tres Leches white chocolate bar. 

I’ve got it admit this one caught me by surprise. I’m not usually a white chocolate bar consumer. 

This bar is rich with a deep yellow color and a texture that is smooth and almost velvety. 

The flavors are what really caught me though. This bar tastes more like a salted caramel than any other white chocolate bar I’ve ever had.  It is sweet and almost nutty and somehow grounded. Well balanced with a salty finish although there is no salt listed in the ingredients so the salt must come from the butter. 

Made in Chile with cacao from Pangea Peru. 

The PNW Chocolate Society is having an online meet up with a white chocolate theme in about a week.  Ping me if you have questions or would like to join in on this free event. 


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