Top Three Reasons to visit Salon du Chocolate Paris

Top three reasons you should see Salon du Chocolat Paris

Salon du Chocolat Paris started in 1994 and has grown to be one of the most important chocolate shows on the planet. The entire city seems to celebrate this event with welcoming signs everywhere and the event isn't just a show, it is an experience from opening night (more on opening night in this post) to the moment it closes down.  If you are a chocolate aficionado, connoisseur, or just someone who needs an excuse to put a trip to Paris on the calendar the Paris Salon du Chocolat will give you perspective, connections, and innovation like no other chocolate event.


Although it is held in Paris, it's not just about French chocolate, it is an international event.

The international mix of farmers, chocolate makers, confectioners, bakers, and even engineers gives you a wider perspective of what is going on world wide in the cacao and chocolate arena.  You'll have the opportunity to see products, meet people, and have conversations you wouldn't have unless you have the time to travel to extremely remote places.

French slab chocolate vendors at
Salon du Chocolat Paris
Dylan from Manoa Chocolate Hawaii
at Salon du Chocolat Paris
Tools made of chocolate at
Salon du Chocolat Paris
All of the chocolate makers in one room gives you perspective to easily compare and contrast the companies, products, and philosophy. The square footage of the show is the largest I've seen to date accommodating not only a stage for the award ceremony, fashion show, live band, a stage and bleachers for watching for baking contests complete with stations and ovens for about 5 contestants, but also hundreds of vendor booths. The vast range of  booth styles range from simple and humble, to exquisite designs adorned with delicate flowers, to two story extravaganzas celebrating country specific cacao and chocolate.  Both new companies and those that have been working on their craft for generations.

Yu Chocolatier at Salon du Chocolat Paris
Salon du Chocolat Paris

The range of chocolate products available includes everything from bulk chocolate molded into the shapes of tools to some of the finest and most interesting bean to bar chocolate.  In addition some booths have pastry ovens baking fresh croissants and pastries, gelato and ice cream booths are woven into the mix, and sculptors are creating huge sculptures made of chocolate.  Again, perspective is the word that resonates in this situation.  Whatever can be done with chocolate is happening right in front of you.

Sculpture at Salon du Chocolate Paris
Chocolate sculpture at Salon du Chocolate Paris

When you attend, your perspective changes.


Your chocolate connections will be there too.

If you are seriously into chocolate in any capacity, your chocolate tribe will be there too. You'll plan some meet ups from those you know are attending, but then while walking the aisles of the Salon you'll run into people who you've met in person or maybe just online.

Even though 2019 was the first time I had ever been to Paris, I found so many people that I know that it seemed a bit like a reunion with warm hugs and a chance to reconnect with those I seldom see face to face.

In addition to your tribe, and the introductions among their connections, you'll also meet the people behind the booths.  Most often the farmers, chocolate makers, and confectioners themselves are there and conversation is attainable.  The planners of this event are brilliant at layout that helps large crowds flow between booths with ease so there is plenty of space to get close enough to the booth to talk directly to the people and hear their story.  In addition the planners have done a great job with sound control. Even when there is a live band on stage, noise levels in the area of the booths is still low enough for conversation.  Making a connection is easy here.

Gutzeit Chocolates from Brazil at
Salon du Chocolate Paris
Vaor Chocolates from Brazil at
Salon du Chocolat Paris

Chocolate tasting friend from Paris
 find on twitter @
Friis Holm Chocolate at
Salon du Chocolat Paris

Life is too short, take the time to connect with others who share your passion and feed your soul.


From prototype to finished product, companies are sharing the newest finds in chocolate.

My favorite working prototype of the 2019 Salon du Chocolat was a machine that makes essentially the equivalent of an espresso shot but with only cacao nibs.  It's called Cacaopresso.  Nibs go in the top and out comes a shot of cacao espresso that is amazingly smooth and delicious.  If these were available for home use, I would have one. Right now, the machine used at the show is a prototype from Japan, another experience I wouldn't have had without attending.

The most innovative chocolate find were two Friis-Holm bar sets.  The first is set is 70% Rugoso, one with "bad fermentation" and the other with typical fermentation.  The second set are 64% Madagascar bars, one the beans were slow dried, the other the beans were fast dried.  The flavor differences are amazing! Although Fris-Holm is available in the USA, a distributor doesn't always carry the entire line of bars.  I was able to meet Mikkel Friis-Holm himself, taste the bars with him as he explained what "bad fermentation" really means.

Innovation is happening all the time, however we only find it if we are interested right place at the right time.



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