Chocolate and Soy Allergy

Chocolate without soy lecithin located close to my desk.

Someone recently said to me "I can't eat chocolate because I'm allergic to soy.  All chocolate has soy lecithin."

Not true.  Not at all.

Many chocolate makers turn out chocolate bars with beautiful tasting notes and silky smooth texture WITHOUT adding any soy lecithin.  These bars are EASILY identified, all you have to do is read the ingredient portion of the label.

Why do I know this?  I was restricted from eating soy and soy lecithin at one time.  I adore fine chocolate and taste daily, first thing in the morning when my palate is fresh.  I didn't abandon my chocolate habit during the restriction, instead I read labels and continued to enjoy chocolate.

I just shot a picture of the bars within reach of my desk (don't judge me, that doesn't even include the contents of my chocolate cupboard) that don't contain soy lecithin.


Read, taste, and enjoy!


P.S.  There are fantastic opportunities ahead for chocolate loving people in the Seattle area.  I'm collaborating with chocolate makers to make small, intimate, meet the maker events for CraftChocolateWeek .  We happen to have fantastic events with three of the chocolate makers pictured above.

Need details?  Want promo/discount codes?  I have the scoop.

Oh yes, the NW Chocolate Festival will also be happening soon in Seattle.  Craft Chocolate Week won't have any small, meet the maker events on the days of the festival.

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