Two Surprises: Chocolatasm by Paul John Kearins

Chocolatasm by Paul John Kearins

Every once in a while something out of the blue surprises me.  This time it was Paul John Kearins. 

Two surprises

The first surprise made my day. He messaged me to say he wanted to send something.  I've never met Paul,  he lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia about 3000 miles away from my home in Seattle.  We had just conversed a tiny bit online about chocolate and I had visited his site

The second surprise, exquisite quality and flavor pairings of his chocolates.  Truly amazing, after every taste I wanted more.  All pure, natural, and organic ingredients.  I've tasted many chocolates between judging contests and those I've bought myself.  I can honestly say he has a gift.  This must be what he was meant to do because he does it so well.

Someday I'm going to have to travel to Blue Ridge not only to meet this guy and taste more of his chocolates, but also because the photos of landscapes in the area he posts on social channels are beautiful.  Look him up if you have the chance.

Tangerine Thyme by Chocolatasm

Tangerine Thyme

Fruit forward then black pepper notes play back and forth again and again.  The peppery notes of the thyme sit in the back of my throat with gentle heat and plays with the balsamic notes.

Extra Virgin Cherry by Chocolatasm

Extra Virgin Cherry

Cherry scent fills your nose before you even take a bite.  Smooth cherry ends in a grounded earthy chocolate finish of the olive oil.

Dark Buttermilk Ganache

The tang of buttermilk softly melting and lingering with a long finish.  Reminds me of a soft and sweet buttermilk milkshake?

Extra Virgin Cherry by Chocolatasm
Extra Virgin Cherry by Chocolatasm
Dark Buttermilk Ganache

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