Spontaneous Chocolate and Beer Pairing at Commons Brewery

We stopped by the Commons Brewery in Portland today.  We ordered a tasting flight.  I just happened to have some craft chocolate. We didn't break open all of the chocolate, just two bars. 

Here are the highlights...

#Pairing Baltic Porter (strong lagered reporter) 
Pairs well Dick Taylor Dominican republic 74%. Both are dark and strong so they balance well. 

#Pairing with the tart sweet Cerise Noir (dark farmhouse with sweet tart cherries).  It plays well with Woodblock Salt and Nibs.  
Interesting exchange with the fruity edge and salt in the chocolate against tart cherry in the beer. 
Dick Taylor Dominican Republic pairing comes off like a very dark cherry cordial. 

#Pairing with Brotherly Love, made with nibs from Woodblock Chocolate and cherries. 
Woodblock Salt and Nib: the chocolate brings out the cherry in the Brotherly Love.
Dick Taylor Dominican Republic: with the darker more earthy chocolate we tasted the more of the chocolate notes in the beer. 

Chocolate first. Let it melt.  Coat the mouth with chocolate, then sip. 

I love Saturday afternoons. 


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