Ritual Chocolate: The Nib Bar

Ritual Chocolate: The Nib Bar.  A liberal application of cacao nibs.

Immediate bright fruity notes that mingle with the lower earthy, nutty, roasty notes brought on by the nibs.  If you place the chocolate smooth, non nibby side down, on your tongue and have the patience and focus not to crunch down, the cacao from Belize will reward you with notes ranging from apricot to cherry.

While smooth tempered chocolate sits on top, nibs are liberally distributed to the underside of this bar. After the melt is over then the earthy, nutty nibs with hints of tobacco and strong fruit acid are ready to crunch.

Sometimes a chocolate geek like me needs to be reminded that although it is fun to analyze every chocolate bar I find, it isn't always necessary.   While examination and evaluation have their place, when tasting chocolate enjoying the small moments of pleasure that it brings to your day leads to a better experience.

Ritual Chocolate is now hiring for their new cafe in Park City, Utah.  #dreamjob


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