Lillie Belle Farms: The Other One, Dominican Republic

Lillie Belle Farms The Other One Dominican Republic Chocolate Bar

A complex monster. At first there is a tiny bit of elegant acidity.  Not they type that hits you really hard, not the type that says fruit, just a little acidity in a sophisticated way.  Then the tannin kicks in and drys out your mouth.  Dark earthy and roasted notes lay low like undertones throughout the entire the silky melt.  Tobacco notes loudly play with bitter. Towards the mid the acid turns to grape, dried fruit, and prune notes which are really nice against the dark tobacco undertones.  The finish has a bit more tannin and those dark undertones start to show off even more. Eventually, and I mean minutes after you think you are done, the fruity acid reappears for a little surprise visit.

Thought provoking with a finish that goes on for days so you'll have plenty of time to think.

I from the description above it might sound like I don't enjoy this bar, but don't get me wrong. I really do.  This bar takes you on a journey and makes you work to identify what you are tasting. I tasted it about 8 times over more than a week to nail down the flavors.  I enjoy that adventure, the range of notes, and especially the surprise ending.


Surprise endings.  Leave enough time between tasting different bars that you can catch the surprise ending such as the one that I found here.  If you are at a tasting you might not have time to catch it as you cleanse your palate quickly to prepare for the next sample.  If you are at home, slow down, take your time, be attentive to your palate and enjoy the surprises.


Lillie Belle Farms is one of those chocolate makers that isn't afraid to try just about any flavor combination, even blue cheese with chocolate.  And then there are the Voodoo bunnies for Easter.  Creative, great tasting and interesting chocolate, and always fun.  Somehow I always seem to have something from Lillie Belle Farms in my chocolate cupboard. 


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