Lillie Belle Farms: Do Not Eat This Chocolate

Do Not Eat This Chocolate by Lillie Belle Farms
A tongue tingling, sinus clearing, eye watering experience you won't soon forget.  

Letting this chocolate slowly melt on your tongue is like torture (don't get me wrong, some people enjoy that sort of thing) as the experience intensifies by the second.  Go ahead and chew this one if you must but keep in mind your not done yet.  The heat hits your throat when you swallow and burns all the way down.  This bar warms your belly and has one of the longest burning finishes of any bar you'll find.

I've got to admit that there is more than heat here, There is actually a lot of great flavor. Focus and you'll find cinnamon and orange notes before the spicy ghost chili takes over.


Share this bar and watch your friends weep.
Is someone stealing from your stash of fine chocolate?  Replace one of your other bars with this one and listen for the howling. 


The best advice I ever received from anyone in the chocolate industry was from Jeff Shepherd, the colorful maestro behind it all at Lillie Belle Farms.  He makes everything from bean to bar chocolate to Martha Stewart's favorite lavender caramels.  Jeff is a rock star at making new chocolate creations and enjoying life at the same time.  His creativity with chocolate seems to be endless and there is always a new bar or confection to try.  


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