Fresco Recipe 229: Peru Pure Nacional Cacao

Fresco Chocolate Recipe 229 made from Peru Pure Nacional Cacao

So very fragrant, floral notes immediately come to mind.  Flavors are first fresh like dragon fruit with jasmine flower and orange blossom.  Rich nutty notes, tree nuts, most like a sophisticated ripe pecan.

The melt is fast.  The finish is long.


#TastingTip #PalateTraining
Try catching the scent of the chocolate with several short little quick sniffs.  First try it with your mouth closed, then slightly open your mouth.  I find that I can smell more with my mouth slightly open so that the air I'm inhaling is both through my nose and also through my mouth.


Using only the finest cacao available, Rob Anderson makes chocolate from only cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter in Lynden WA.  Each Fresco recipe receives a unique number such as Recipe 229 which I tasted this morning.


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