Dark Chocolate From Down Under: Ocho Otega Chocolate Company Revolution70%

Ocho  Otago Chocolate Company Revolution 70% bar

Clean sharp snap.  Smoky on the nose and on the tongue.  The smoky notes here are some of the best that I have found in a Papua New Guinea bar.  It reminds me of chocolate that has been cold smoked and works very well with the BIG dried fruit notes that Ocho has coaxed out of these beans.


The strong flavors make this an ideal chocolate for pairing with other strong flavors.  Think bourbon or cheese, maybe beer.  Sounds like tonight I've got some pairing work to do.  I'll report results in the coming days.


Dark chocolate from down under.   It was a chocolate festival here in the USA where I met Liz Rowe, the vibrant woman who makes this chocolate and runs Otago Chocolate Company.  She sources beans from  countries close to New Zealand to minimize the distance they travel before processing. Fresh beans,  two ingredients, memorable chocolate

I think it is worth going to NZ just to taste this chocolate again and find some of those fresh beans.


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