Fruition Hispaniola - Taste it Again

Fruition Hispaniola

Fruition Chocolate Hispaniola 68% bar

Palate Training  & Tasting Tip:

Sometimes the flavors in a bar are right up front, other times they are more mysterious.

Perhaps during those mysterious times I'm a bit distracted, not paying attention, I've lost focus.  Yes, life is like that sometimes.

Try focusing intently on what you are tasting.  You may have to taste the same bar over and over.

If you are having a hard time identifying a particular flavor or note try tasting the same chocolate bar at different times during the day, at different temperatures, in different rooms, or when you are in a different mood.  Eventually you'll be at a point where your mind will focus, taste the notes, and you'll find the words to describe what you are tasting,

Slow down, relax, focus, taste.  In that order.

Fruition Hispaniola

The first taste of this bar told me there was fruit and deep chocolate notes.   Actually describing it was another matter.  I couldn't find the words to translate the flavors.

The words for the notes I found in the Fruition Hispaniola bar finally came after a week of tasting.

Notes of deeply roasted peach.  Intense chocolate flavors touched with a hint of raspberry. Smooth, rich melt and long finish.

Fruition Chocolate  Realization of a dream, bearing fruit, fulfillment.

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